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The following is something I didn't even know I still had: The Original Nova Trek short story. This became "Gains and Losses" and while the overall story is the same, there are bits and pieces that are different and I think folks might find it intresting.


"Captain's Log, Stardate 5930.1. Hard to beleive that today marks 3 years since I assumed command of the Enterprise. 3 years since I became the first woman to acheive the rank and position of a starship commander- and so far, the only one.
"Wish I knew whether to be proud of that fact, or disappointed..."
End Log

Janet turns off the log recorder as the door buzzer sounds. "Come." She smiles gently as Dr. McCoy eneters."Well, Bones, what brings you to my neck of the woods?"
The Doctor indicates the PADD he's carrying." Just got the final report on your physical."
"Oh? I passed, didn't I?"
He nodded as he looked down at the information."Oh yes- same as last year- and then some."
Janet leans forward in her seat at this."Meaning?"
He meets her eye for eye."You're pregnant, Jan- at least two months." She steps away as far as the room divider."The fetus shows both Human and Vulcan genetics."
She speaks without facing him. "Well, since I'm married to a Vulcan, that would make sense." Then she steps on into her sleeping quarters before turning to face him."Now is not the best time for this."
McCoy is puzzled."Why not? You're perfectly healthy-"
"Health has nothing to do with it,"She snaps." I am a starship captain- The first woman to command a starship. Can you imagine what Starfleet would say if I applied for a maternity leave? Half of them will turn to the other half and say "I told you so."
She turns away in disgust as McCoy speaks."Jan, you can't live your life based on what Starfleet might say."
"Agreed. But I've worked my ass off to get this command, Lenard."
He nodded."And you've had it for three years."
She turns to face him and the determination is clear in her face."And I intend to have it for a hell of alot longer. I want you to schedule an abortion."
"Shouldn't you talk it over with Spock first?"
"Why? it's my body."
McCoy nodded in agreement."It's also his child."
The desk monitor/intercom buzzes and she crosses back to answer it."Kirk here."
The screen lights up with Spock's image."Spock, Jan. Long range sensors show a Klingon battle crusier crossing the Neutral Zone."
She glances at McCoy as she answers."On my way."

Janet begins to speak as soon as the bridge doors open and she steps out."Report?"
Spock looks up from his viewer."The Klingon is holding position just our side of the Zone."
M'ress speaks up next."They're hailing us, Captain."
Jan eyebrow rises in a fair imitation of her husband's. "The Klingons? That's a switch. Open a channel."
"Channel open."
Jan turns toward the screen as she speaks."Klingon vessel, this is the Federal Starship Enterprise, Captain Janet Tamara Kirk commanding."
The Main Viewscreen comes to life with a familar face."So, Starfleet finally had the sense to give you a ship of your own, did they?"
She nodds as she answers. "3 years ago today. What can I do for you, Kang?"
The Klingon nodded as he got to the point."I must speak with you about a matter that may involve both our governments."
"Go ahead."
Now he shook his head.'Not over an open channel. I request permission to come aboard. I give you my word that I will be unarmed."
Jan signaled M'ress and the transmission was silenced. She then turned to her husband."Spock?"
"He sounds as if he is being straightforward enough, however..."
The captain nodded."However he can be as coniving as Kor if he wants to be." She nodds to M'ress and the channel is reopened."All right, Kang. Permission granted. We'll beam you aboard in five minutes. Kirk out." She turns toward the lift as she speaks."Bring him to my quarters, Mr.Spock."
"Captain." She turns from the lift as Lt.Commander Therran approches from his security console."Is giving a klingon access such a good idea? The ship's corridors, your cabin..."
"Your concerns noted, Mr.Therran. However, You've only been on board a few months. I've had dealings with Kang before. Besides, there are no high security areas between the transporter room and my Cabin. If it makes you feel better, you can monitor his movements on the internal sensors." She then stepped into the lift and was gone.

2yrs, nine months ago....
I had only been in command for 3 months, but Spock had already caught my attention by the way he did his job,his ability to reason his way out of any corner, and how nothing seemed to rattle him. We were playing chess in the rec room while we waited for the Bridge to call us about an artifact our sensors had picked up...
..."The Bridge said they'd call."
"I'll have you checkmated, your next move,Captain."
I had to smile as I glanced over at him."Have I mentioned that you play a very irritating game of chess, Mr.Spock?"
"Irritating?" Then his face seemed to light up with understanding."Uh, yes. One of your Earth emotions."
Then I saw an opening on the board and checkmated him. The scowl on his face was almost comical."Certain you don't know what irritation is?"
"The fact that one of my ancestors married a human female..."
I had to smile."Terrible having bad blood like that." I rested my chin on my hand as I watched him study the board."Might even require some additional discussion."
He glanced over at me as he tipped his king in defeat."Are you suggesting a private conference, Captain?"
I tilted my head and that night was all talk.About his life and parents, about my parents and brother. It was the most relaxed time I'd yet spent on board- and I had no idea where it would lead...

The Present
Janet jumped, brought out of her memories by the door chime."Come." She watched as it slid open to allow Spock and Commander Kang to enter. The Klingon was as tall and imposing as she remebered and she waved to the chair on the other side of her desk."Commander."
"Thank you, Captain. That title takes some getting used to."
"I know. I still catch myself wanting to look over me shoulder to see who they're talking to!"Kang laughed at this and it was a laughter that filled the cabin. Still, Jan got the feeling that it had been a while since he had let go that much."So, Kang, what brings you to our side of the Zone?"
The laughter faded and a momentary look of sadness was replaced by one of quiet resolve."Raiders. They struck two of our boarder colonies in the past week."
She looked to the Vulcan."Spock, has there been anything on our side?"
"Not that I am aware of. A moment." He turned to a nearby wall intercom and called the Bridge. It was only a moment before he turned back."Three days ago, Arga 9 was attacked by raiders. According to reports, the ships were of an unknown design, but the energy signatures of the weapons were Klingon."
"The signatures of the weapons used on our colonies were Federal." Kang tossed a data disc on the desk."Records of that as well as their last course based on propulsion residue." He leaned forward in his seat."Janet, I will admit between the three of us, that federal scanning technology is far superior to that of Klingon. As old as the trail now is, You may be able to follow it where we can not."
She picked up the disc and handed it to Spock." Is it possiable, Spock?"
"Theoritically," he replied.
Jan stood up and stepped away from her desk."Then I suggest we adjourn to the Bridge and put theory into practise."
"Is that allowed?" Kang asked as he too stood.
"It's my ship,"she told him."I can have anyone on the Bridge I want- even a Klingon."

Lt.Commander Therran's andorian antenas twitched as the Bridge lift doors opened and Janet and Spock came out with Kang and crossed to the science station.Kang seemed to sense his attention and turned to meet his gaze. "You have an Andorian amoung your crew?"
Janet answered as Spock set to work."Lt.Commander Therran is my Chief of Security. Why?"
"Survivors identified the raiders as Andorians."
Therran came over, but kept the Bridge railing between himself and Kang."Captain, as much as I'm loath to admit it, the Commander could be right. Andorian renagades have a long history of raiding boarder colonies and outposts."
"Indeed,"Spock stated as he worked."They also have a history of raiding Vulcan territory as well."He finally turned from his viewer and faced them."The trail had deteriorated, but is still readable. " He met Janet's gaze."They appear to be headed for Cestus 3."
Janet's eyes widened and she turned toward the helm."Sulu, how soon to Cestus 3?"
"At Warp 8, we can be there in 5 hours,"the helmsman answered.
"Chekov, lay in the course."She then turned to Kang."Commander, we don't know how many ships we're up against. If you'd like to return to your ship and follow...?" Kang nodded and she turned to the Andorian. "Mr.Therran, escort the Commander safely back to the transporter room. Call the Bridge the moment he's beamed back to his ship. Sulu, give him five minutes to reach his Bridge, then go to Warp."
As her crew obeyed orders and Therran led Kang from the Bridge, Spock stepped up beside his wife."Jan, is Jim still- "
"Assigned to Cestus 3?" She asked. "Yes." She turned toward the lift."You have the Bridge. I'll be in my quarters." She stopped by the communications station."See if you can raise my brother on Cestus 3- you'll find the frequencies in my log."

2yrs, 6 months ago....
Psi 2000. God what a mess that turned into. I think the entire crew was infected before it was over- including Spock and myself. We'd grown closer over the previous three months, but thanks to that disease, our feelings came pouring out...
"...Emotions,"I told him."You're better off without yours and I'm better off without mine."I looked up at the briefing room ceiling."Male captains always seem to end up married to their ships- but a woman? No. Not married. It's more like a mother-daughter relationship. I watch over her, protect her as best I can,and try to forget the fact that someday I have to let her go."
"Jan, I could never tell you..." Spock's voice faltered as he tried to find words he had never spoken before."Could never tell you that I..."
I did the unthinkable. I gently touched his face and met his gaze."There's no need to. I know."
We were close- so close. Our lips brushed for just a moment and I know it would have gone further if Mr.Scott hadn't come running in at that moment and jarred us back to the reality of saving the ship....

The Present
Alone in her cabin,Janet shook her head at the memories as she stepped into her sleeping quarters and picked up a photo that normally rested on the shelf above her bed. The door buzzer went off."Come." She looked up and over as it opened and Spock entered."Thought you had the Bridge?"
"I came to tell you that we are on course for Cestus 3," he replied, side-stepping the fact that he could have simply called.
She nodded. "he's not going to be happy to learn that 'Big Sister's' coing to the rescue."Jan looked down at the photo."Typical Iowa farm boy. Loved getting his hands dirty.Couldn't understand why I wanted to join Starfleet until he found out about all the agricultural out-reach programs that Starfleet and the Union supported- then he joined a year after I did. When he got the appointment to head up the terraforming team on Cestus 3, it was the happiest day of his life."
Jan looked over at Spock."I got a letter from him yesterday, did I tell you? He and Carol are going to have a baby- due in about five months." She set the photo back down on the shelf. Then she stood there and closed her eyes."Please God, let him be all right."
Spock continued to stand where he was. Her worry was an almost physical thing to him and to say he didn't know what to do, would be an understatement.Finally, he stepped toward her and placed his hand on her arm. She looked up in mild surprise and then a gently smile came to her face as she nodded her thanks.

As the ship continued on through space with it's klingon companion sailing along side, the hours seemed to drag by- even at warpspeeds.
Family. Her brother, Spock,a baby- it all seemed to be coming at her at one time.She had returned to the Bridge after lunch and now sat in her command chair , allowing her thoughts to wander even as she remained fully aware of the ship and everything around her.

Nine months ago...
For a Vulcan- okay, half-Vulcan- Spock had been in a lousy mood for the past week. When Bones told me that Spock had practically ordered him to "cease prying into his personal affairs" I knew I had to see him....
He turned in startlement- it was clear he'd never heard the door open.He turned away just as quickly."You've been called the Best First Officer in the Fleet- and I think you know by now how I feel about you. Let me help."
He stood with his back to me for a long moment before he finally, haltingly,told me about the Pon Far- the time of mating and the compulsion to return home."...I had hoped I would be spared this. But the ancient drives are too strong."
"Is ther anything that can disrupt or end the cycle?"
"Only by mating and bonding can the compulsion and increasing maddness be brought to an end."
I stepped over to one side of his living quarters as I thought about what he had said."Spock,I-"
"Do not speak of it." his voice was a horse whisper."While I have come to care for you a great deal, I would not want you to subject yourself to something you could not live with. The kind of bond that forms during the mating would be permanent. Not telepathic- but we would be aware of each other till the day one of us dies."
"How offical would it be?"
"In the eyes of the Vulcan government, we would be Husband and No.1 Wife."
"How many are you allowed?"
"A male is allowed as many wives as he can support. But the No.1 Wife would always be head of the husband's household." He gasped and his breathing started coming in a more ragged fashion. I knew he'd never reach Vulcan alive.
I knelt in front of him and took his hands in mine. They were trembling as I raised them to my temples-placed them in the position he had a dozen times before.Almost at that exact moment, I could feel our thoughts and minds moving closer as everything seemed to happen without the need of guidance. I could feel the blood pounding in my own temples even as I lived through the memories of Spock's life and he through mine.
I was hot, feverish and yet, I felt chilled and knew that our uniforms lay somewhere on the floor. I could feel my body pressing against his even as his hands moved over me. I don't know how long we were involved. Eventually, we became aware of the world around us and we found ourselves in his bed- both of us covered in sweat.
My mind had slowly cleared to the point where I could think again, when the cabin's intercom whistled and Chekov's voice announced that we had entered orbit around Vulcan."We must...beam down,"he told me."In order to offically end the cycle, we must attend the cerimony and allow T'Pau to know our thoughts and view the bonding."
"T'Pau?" It took me a moment to realize who he was talking about."It's been said that she's all of Vulcan in one package. Will she accept a mixed bonding?"
"Reluctantly,"he answered as he rose from the bed."It is the others I am concerned about."
It was only after we beamed down, accompanied by McCoy, that I realised that my new found husband had a gift for understatement. While T'pau did accept the situation- even welcomed me and wished me a long life- T'Pring, the original intended, was another story. She immediately challenged my position as No.1 Wife- forcing me to fight to keep something I had just aquired. T'Pau spelled it out."...Kirk, by accepting the bonding, you have accepted our culture into your own, in the truest tradtions of the IDIC. But T'Pring is within her rights. You have matted as a Vulcan,therefore you have no choice but to face her challenge as a Vulcan. If both survive the Lirpa, the death duel will continue with the aw-woon."
Next thing I knew, I was facing off against T'Pring with a weapon I had never used and finding myself struggling to breath as well as stay alive.
I heard McCoy's voice."Is this Vulcan Chivlry? The air's too hot and thin for Kirk- she's not used to it."
T'Pau."The air is thee air. What can be done?"
"I can compensate."McCoy tore open his ever-prent medkit and took a hypo in hand."With this. At least it'll give Kirk a fighting chance."
"Thee may proceed."
If I had known what McCoy was planning, I would have shoved him away. Instead, there was the hiss of the hypo an urging to be careful and once more I was facing T'Pring. I knocked her lirpa way and she mangaged to kick mine out of my hands. The aw-woons were brought out. Straps of leather. What the hell do you do with- as quickly as that, hers was around my throat and I felt myself passing out.
I felt like I was floating.I could hear T'pring as she stepped up to Spock and presented him with the aw-woon she'd used to kill me with. He told me later that it was now his choice to either accept her as his new No.1- or reject her.
He ripped the aw-woon apart and dropped it at her feet.
Rejected- loud and clear.
"Spock to Enterprise, stand by to beam up landing party."
T'Pau's voice."We greive with thee, Spock. Live long and proser."
"I shall do neither, for I must face the death of both my captain and my wife."
Next thing I was aware of, was waking up in Sick Bay, hearing Spock talking to McCoy."...Contact Janet's brother on Cestus 3 so he can attend any memorial service."
"Spock, wait a minute-"
"There is nothing to wait for, Doctor. The Captain of this ship is dead. My wife of only a few hours-"
"Is alive and well,"I said as I stepped up behind him.
He turned in a shock that was so great,I thought he ws going to have a stroke! Next thing I knew, he was lifting me in the air and spinning me around with a large smile on his face. "Jan!"
Our lips met in only our second kiss.
Then he remembered the Doctor's presence.
"You seem quite...unharmed, Captain..."
I nodded toward the doctor."Blame McCoy and his tri-ox compound."
But the doctor turned Spock's attention away by pointing out something else."Spock, you cannot deny that when you saw Jan alive, you erupted with joy- as pure an emotion as any you could name!"
"merely my quiet logical relief that Starfleet had not lost an excellent captain."
I tried hard not laugh. "Of course...Husband."
The doctor just shook his head as we headed for the door- then he muttered,"In a pig's eye....."

The Present
Janet rose from her command chair and stepped back to M'ress' station."Any luck yet, contacting my brother?"
The Caitian could only shake her head as her tail waved about behind her."No, Ma'am. All the transmitters on Cestus 3 seem to be down. Do you want me to keep trying?"
The captain sighed."No." She stepped over to the science station. "Anything else, Spock? A breadcrumb- anything?"
Her husband shook his head as he checked his viewer. "Negative. The trail is faint, but it continues in a direct line to Cestus 3."
She sat down on the bridge railing."What about the propulsion residue Kang mentioned? anyway of identifing the raiders with it?"
Spock sat down in his chair and turned to face her."Not specifically. Several races use simular fuel formulas - from the andorians to the orions to the Kizinti. It's not possiable at this time to narrow the list any further."
She nodded and turned toward the helm."Sulu? How much longer ?"
"3 hours till Cestus 3 is in scanner range,"the Helmsman replied."3 and a half till we're in transporter range."
Janet sighed.There was other business that needed to be dealt with and it looked like she had plenty of time for it."Sulu, you have the Bridge." She then turned back to the Vulcan."I need to talk to you."
She then headed for the lift with Spock right behind her.

Their quarters were on Deck 5 and as fate would have it, they shared a common restroom. They didn't speak till they'd entered her sleeping quarters."McCoy came by to see me this morning with the results of my physical."She turned to face him. "I'm pregnant, Spock."
That eyebrow rose till it was hidden by his bangs."And what have you decided?"
She shrugged."To talk it over with my husband." She stepped away."I've worked long and hard to get this command- to prove to Starfleet that I deserved one." She shook her head."A family was never part of my plans- at least not at this point in my life.
"A child would be a huge complication right now."
"Indeed,"Spock told her."I had not antisapated children in my future either."
She looked at him with a crooked smile."Bet you never counted on a wife either."
He tilted his head."Nor, you a husband."
Janet shrugged and shook her head."If this were any other time or place..." She turned to face him."Someday, I would love to have your children- but not now."
He took in and released a deep breath."I must...reluctantly agree. A Starship is not designed for raising children and at this point in your life, commanding a starship is your 1st, best destiny. As much as we both may wish it were otherwise, anything else right now, would be a waste of material."
She stepped toward him, her two fingers presnted in the Vulcan style. As his caressed hers, she closed here eyes and whispered,"Thank you."
Her husband then watched as she left the cabin. Spock knew where she would go and if he were totally honest , he would admit that he had no desire to accompany her.

"Captain's Personal Log, Stardate 5928.5.
It's over and done. There will be no child anytime soon. McCoy wasn't happy about it, but it was my choice- and I did like he asked and talked it over with Spock. I don't think he expected Spock to agree with me.
A little queasy. The good doctor said it would happen and probably linger for about an hour. Hope it's not any longer than that because in two hours,we'll be in transporter range of Cestus 3 and I can't afford to let anything else get in the way...
End log."

Laying on the bed in her quarters, Jan reached back over her head to the intercom on the shelf and turned off the log. As she lay there, she found herself thinking about the last time she'd been to Cestus 3- the last time she'd seen her brother...

Four months ago....
I remember standing in the grove of trees Jim had planted and smiling as he stared at me in shock."A Vulcan? Why? Why would you get involved with one of them?"
" Because I realized I love him."I turned to face the only other male in my life as I spoke."Did you need much more than that when you married Carol?"
He turned away and I watched as he ran a hand through his hair."What about him? What's his name- Spock? How do you know he feels the same? How do you know he didn't just use you to get out of an arranged marriage he never wanted?"
A gentle smile came to my face. Jim wouldn't understand."I can tell." I nodded past him."You'd be able to tell,too,if you'd get to know him."
I watched my younger brother turn and stand a little straighter as my husband approached.Spock nodded to him."Mr.Kirk."
Jim nodded toward me as he spoke."Might as well make it 'Jim' since we're family now."Spock nodded his head in thanks. I watched Jim's eyes narrow as hestudied my husband. The he took a step toward him."Just promise me one thing,Mr.Spock."He paused before he continued."Never make her regret the day she saved your life. Promise me that and maybe someday, I can deal with the rest of it...."

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The Present
Janet closed her eyes as she lay on the bed and shook her head. Spock made Jim the promise, even though he didn't have to. She'd never regretted her actions and she knew the day would never come when she would.
The intercom buzzed. "Kirk here."
"Spock, Janet. We are now within transporter range of Cestus 3."
"Any life signs?"
"Not at this time. Scans are still in progress and will not be available for five minutes."
"On my way. Kirk out."

Upon reaching the bridge, she crossed straight to Spock's station."Report?"
"There are life signs in the foothills, beyond the colony- but if there is anyone left alive within the colony, their life signs are too weak to be detected from orbit."
She nodded."Send everything we have to Kang. Then assemble a landing Party and I'll meet you in the transporter room."

Leaving Scotty in charge,Janet looked around as transport ended and immediately reached for her communicator."Kirk to Enterprise."
"Scott here."
"Go to Red Alert. Scan for any other ships in the area. The outpost has been destroyed. Kirk out." She turned at the sound of new transport to see Kang and his landing party arrive."Commander, if we're going to get answers, we need survivors." He nodded and sent his men off in a dozen directions. Janet did the same then she, Spock, McCoy and Therran headed off in a specific direction." JIm's house is this way."
"Wouldn't he have been at the office?" McCoy asked.
"Carol's four months pregnant,"the captain stated."When the raid began, he would've tried to get to her."
As they made their way through the debis felled streets, Spock had his tricorder in constant use."Captain, registering life forms two miles from our location."
"Andorian?" Therran asked.
"Yes- and another that is simular to Vulcan, but with notable differences."
Janet led them into a nearby building and through the walls of the structure with all the confidence of many past visits.
The house was in ruin- in some places, smle still rose from he runins.
As they entered a lab, McCoy pushed past everyone and knelt by the form he'd spoted.He didn't need his tricorder to tell him the person was dead.
"Is this your brother,Jan?"
She slowly knelt by the body and turned it over."Oh,god..."She whispered. She closed her eyes."It is...was my brother."
McCoy's voice was gentle."I'm sorry, Jan."
She looked around."What about Carol?"
Spock was on the far side of the room."Is this her,Jan?" He moved a section of ceiling off another form as the captain knelt.
A Moment of heavy silence filled the room- shattered by an explosion that rocked the building! They were all knocked to the floor even as Jan's voice rang out."Spock!?"
"Sonic grenades,"he replied as he scanned the area."Coming from the location of the Andorian readings we picked up earlier."
The building shook again and somewhere part of it collapsed as Jan took out her communicator. "Kirk to Enterprise. Put me through to Kang."
"Kang here."
"Kang, it's Kirk. How would you like to supply the shock troops for a little surprise party?"

The Raider Leader watched as his men adjusted the grenade launcher. Knowing full well the landing parties were in the colony, he had ordered what was left to be leveled.
Another grenade was launched-
-and the launcher was destroyed by disruptor fire.
The raiders turned to face the Klingons as Kang led the charge, firing as he came.Seconds later, a new transport sound was heard and the Federal party arrived as they too opened fire from the opposite side of the raiders. With enemies in front and behind, the raiders were quick to throw down their weapons- even as their Leader ran.
Lt. Commander Therran started to take aim- only to have Janet knock his arm down and open her communicator."Kirk to Enterprise."
"Scott here."
"Scotty I need you in the Transporter Room."
"I'm already there,Ma'am."
She and Therran traded surprised glanes even as she spoke."Good. Listen up..."

The Raider Leader looked behind him as he ran and wondered where the enemy was. He found out a moment later, when Janet leaped from a nearby ledge and knocked him to the ground."Aren't transporters wonderful?" she asked as she watched him climb to his feet.
He said nothing as they circled each other. Then, punches, kicks, lunges. The Leader charged, Jan grabbed his arms, dropped to the ground and threw him over her even as he grabbed her uniform and nearly tore it off of her. He went sprawling in the dirt, scooped some up intending to throw it in her face- and got her boot heel in his face,spinning hima round, where a back-hand blow with all her strength behind it dropped him to the ground.
Picking up her communicator from it fell during the fight, she opened it."Kirk to Enterprise."
"Scott here, Captain."
"It worked, Scotty. Beam us back to the others."

Spock, McCoy,Kang and Therran all turned at the sound of the transporter. Once Kang saw that Janet was all right, he turned back to the man he had by the throat. "Who are you?"
"What's with him?" Jan asked as Therran took charge of the leader.
"The man's not a Klingon,Jan,"McCoy said."I was scanning the injured and picked up the same near- Vulcan readings Spock did." He nodded toward the Klingons' prisoner."He's been surgically altered."
The prisoner was fighting to breath- and Kang's tightened his grip."Kang!" Janet stepped toward the two as she tied her torn uniform together.'Kill him and we'll never know who he is."
"You will know noth- "the prisoner's words faded as he laid eyes on Spock. His face showed confusion that he quickly masked.
"I will personally skin you alive and feed you to the mangiest targ I can find,"Kang growled.
"That won't bring back Mara,"Janet stated."It wasn't hard to figure out- no one has seen or heard from her."
The klingon nodded."The last colony this ...animal attacked. She was shuttling supplies to the surface. It was supposed to be a simple run- a short flight to keep up her piloting skills- The raiders destroyed her ship. She never had the chance to reach the emergency transporter."
Janet looked to the imposter. "Mara died before Jim did. Your colonies were attacked before ours were. He's yours with the Union's blessings."
Kang nodded his thanks and shoved the prisoner toward to of his crew. "Take that back to the ship."
Kirk's communicator bleeped."Kirk here."
"Scott here, Capt'n. we've got two unidentifed ships leaving orbit. One minute they weren't there- next they were."
"Therran, watch over the prisoners," Jan then turn back to the communicator."Scotty beam me, Spock and McCoy up. Beam Kang and his people to their ship." She then closed it and looked to Kang even as transport began. "You take one. We'll take the other."

As soon as she was back on board, Janet went straight to the transporter console and activated the intercom."This is the Captain. Battle Stations. This is no drill. Helm, red alert, phasers and torpedos on-line. Navigator, plot a course after whichever ship the Klingons are NOT chasing.
"I want this one, gentlemen. Captain out."
"Vengence,Jan?" Spock asked as they headed out into the hall.
"Justice, Spock. It's all I can give Jim now."

As soon as they hit the bridge, Spock went straight to his station and Janet went straight to her chair."Report,"she ordered as she sat down.
Chekov was first to speak up."The Klingon and enemy #2 are at 927 mark 15 and the Klingon is firing. Enemy #1 is directly ahead and trying to escape at warp 7.5."
"Go to warp 8,"Jan ordered."Over take him."
Sulu nodded and the hum of the engines began to rise as he carried out the order."Warp 7.7,7.8,7.9, Warp 8."
Chekov suddenly turned to face Janet."Keptin, the enemy has...disappeared!"
"Spock- wormhole?"
The Vulcan had leaned over his viewer the moment Chekov spoke. Now, he shook his head."None in the area- and no spacial distortions." he looked over at his wife."Most likely some kind of invisibility shield."
Jan turned back to the helm."Sulu. hard about. take their last position and-"
a large circular blast of energy appeared on the screen and seemed to grow as it came at them."What the hell-?" Her words were sharp."Phasers fire!"
Sulu's hand hit the switch and two blue beams lanced out, piercing the burst- and detenating it! The ship rocked from the shockwave and a blinding glare filled the screen. When everyone could see, the Enterprise was still intact- and the enemy lay drifting.
Sulu checked his viewer."Some kind of plasma energy, Captain. We set it off less than a thousand meters from them. Their engines are out, but their environment's intact."
Spock straightened from his viewer at that point."Jan, the markings are Romulan."
Her husband nodded."Historical records contain drawings and crude photos of their ships. The bird of prey painted on their hulls was noted several times throughout the Earth-Romulan War."
Janet shook her head."This is a fine hello after a hundred years. They supported the renagades, hoping to stir up enough trouble along the boarder to trigger a war."
Spock agreed."Afterwards, they would move in and take over what was left."
"That's no honorable Bird of Prey,"Jan noted with disgust."That's a scavanger- a jackel."
A blinding glare filled the screen a second time. When it was over, the Romulan ship was gone. "A self-destruct?"
"It would match what little is known about them,"Spock noted."Especially if the near-Vulcan readings I scanned on the surface are in fact Romulan."
Janet's confusion was clear."Why?"
"Vulcan, like Earth, had it's aggressive,militaristic colonizing period- before the coming of Surak. If the Romulans are an off-shoot of my Vulcan blood, then 'Death before Dishonor' would be in character for them."
Jan nodded and turned back to the helm. "Sulu, status of Kang's ship?"
"Still in pursuit, Captain- and they're both in visual range."
"On screen."
They watched as the remaining Romulan ducked and dove- showing the bird of prey on their hull- even as they evaded the Klinngons' fire. Then a disruptor blast caught an engine and the Romulan went tumbling. Another burst struck-
-and the Romulan was debris.
"Signal from Commander Kang, Captain,"M'ress announced.
"On screen."
Janet watched as Kang's face came into focus."We are victorious,Kirk. I doubt any raiders will be bothering either side of the Zone for a long while. If there is nothing else, we will set a direct course back to our Empire."
"A suggestion, Commander,"Jan said."Today, we've proven to both our governments that we can work together in co-operation. Let's make sure they understand that. Then maybe someday, we won't need a Neutral Zone."
Kang nodded."Agreed. Kang out." The screen blanked to be replaced by a view of the departing Klingon ship.
Jan then turned to the helm once more."Mr.Chekov, plot a course back to Cestus 3 so we can pick up Mr.Therran and his prisoners."
"Aye,Keptin. Course plotted and on the board."
"Warp 5, Helm."
Sulu nodded."Yes, Ma'am. Warp 5."
She then rose from her chair and glanced to her right."You have the bridge, Mr.Spock. I'll be in my quarters trying to put all of this into a report for Starfleet."

"...With the destruction of the remaining Romulan ship, the Klingons have returned to their Empire and we are on course back to Cestus 3 to pick up our security team and the remaining prisoners."Seated at her desk, Janet turned off the log recorder as the door chime sounded. "Come."Her confusion was clear as McCoy enetered."Bones- ?"
He help up a plastic bottle of tablets and then handed them to her.'Contraceptives. Once a month. Then when you decide you do want children, stay off 'em a month."
She took the bottle in hand, looked down at it for a moment, then up at McCoy. "Lenard, I'm sorry about being so hard headed about all of this..."
"You mean about bein' you?"He asked with a smile. He waved it off."Don't worry about it."He nodded toward the cabin door."You just spent the whole damn day proving again why you belong in the center seat. We just spent the entire day in the presence of the Klingons and we never once shot at each other! That must be a record of some kind."
"Any other time or place," Jan whispered as she looked at the bottle."When the day comes, Bones, you damn well better be available!" They both smiled as she set the bottle aside."Another time or place,"She repeated."In another time or place, Jim would still be alive. Another time or place, he'd probably be sitting here instead of me. Hell, in another time or place, I probably don't even exist." She looked up at McCoy and nodded."Thank you, Doctor."
He nodded and she watched as he left the cabin before turning back to her work. It seemed like only a few moments later, that the door to the restroom between her cabin and Spock's slid aside to allow the Vulcan to enter."I thought you had the Bridge?"
"Our shift ended a half hour ago, Jan- and it is dinner time as well."
She looked to a nearby clock in surprise."I guess it is at that." She stood and stretched. "I've been going over our schedule. We're due to put into the Cygnet 14 dockyards next week for routine maintance."
He nodded."Yes."
"Which means, with the ship in dock, Scotty is more than capable of handling things for awhile."
He watched her closely."Meaning, Captain?"
"Meaning, Mr.Spock, It's past time we had a honeymoon."
That eyebrow rose as she stood before him."Honeymoon?"
She nodded."Honeymoon. traditonally, it is a trip that a newly wed husband and wife take immediately following the wedding cerimony- and we have not had ours."
His hands went behind his back as he thought this over."Indeed? I would be reluctant to deny you the right to practise the tradtions of your culture."
Her smile grew."Good. Then once we have Enterprise safely tucked away, we can book the first avaible shuttle to Vulcan."
"Yes, Mr.Spock,Vulcan. The planet you were born on?" She started past him, headed for the cabin door."I think it's time your wife met your parents, don't you?"
Both eyebrows rose momentarily, then Spock shrugged and followed her from the cabin.


This can be discussed under the "Nova Trek: Gains and Losses" thread.

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