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 Post subject: USS Hood NCC-1707
PostPosted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:39 pm 
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USS Hood NCC-1707

Mark IX heavy cruiser; Constitution-class

Length: 288.6 Metres
Beam: 127.1 Metres
Draft: 72.6 Metres
Weight: 190,000 Metric Tons
Decks: 23

Propulsion Systems
2 Mk IX-B Deuterium Fuelled Impulse Propulsion Units
Maximum Impulse Velocity: 0.99c
2 Mk I-V/C Matter/Antimatter Warp Propulsion Units
Maximum Safe Cruise Velocity: Warp 6
Maximum Emergency Velocity: Warp 8

Tactical Systems
Standard Phasers: (4 Banks / 2 Per Bank)
Photon Torpedoes: (4 Tubes Forward / 1 Tube Aft)
Standard Deflector/ Shield Generation System

The insignia of the Hood represents five famous ships in history that have borne the name.
HMS Hood (I) - 91-gun ship of the line in service from 1859 to 1888.
HMS Hood (II) - Royal Sovereign-class battleship in service from 1891 to 1914.
HMS Hood (III) - Admiral-class battlecruiser in service from 1918 until destroyed by German battleship Bismarck in 1941.
UES Hood (CVM-33) - Yorktown-class carrier that served during the Earth-Romulan war in the late 2150's.
USS Hood (NCC-1707) - launched in the early 2240's as a Constellation-class starship with registry NCC-1703 and later upgraded to Constitution configuration and rechristened NCC-1707.

Crew complement: 430
Officers: 70
Crew (ensign and enlisted grades): 360

Current Command crew
Captain Jake Guererro, Commanding Officer
Commander Kwynn'Hagek, First Officer/Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander Dieter Ziegler, Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Commander Carmen Zamry, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Gavin, Chief Helmsman
Lieutenant Commander Chris Carpenter, Chief Navigator
Lieutenant Commander Flynn O'Callaghan, Chief of Communications
Lieutenant Commander Howell Aubrey, Assistant Science Officer

Auxiliary Craft
4 Class F Shuttlecraft
Bondar (NCC-1707/1)
Named for Roberta Lynn Bondar, both Canada's first female astronaut and the first neurologist from any nation in space and who spent a decade at NASA as head of space medicine.

Holland (NCC-1707/5)
Named for Vice Admiral Lancelot Holland, CB, RN, admiral commanding the Royal Navy battlegroup consisting of HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales when they engaged the German warships Bismarck and Prinz Eugen in 1941. One of the 1,415 men lost when Hood was sunk by the Bismarck.

Penfield (NCC-1707/7)
Named for Doctor Wilder Penfield, a Canadian surgeon who pioneered numerous neurosurgical techniques, including advanced treatments for epilepsy and mapping of the sensory and motor cortices of the brain, as well as the brain's connections to other parts of the body. Many of his techniques and maps remained in use almost a century later with few or no alterations.

Swigert (NCC-1707/13)
Named for Apollo 13 astronaut Jack Swigert, who was assigned to that ill-fated mission mere days prior to launch to replace another astronaut suspected to have an illness. Later left NASA to take up a career in politics, being elected to a seat in the US Congress but dying of cancer before taking up his office.

1 Long-Range Transport Shuttle
Kerr (NCC-1707/8)
Named for Captain Ralph Kerr, CBE, RN, commanding officer of HMS Hood in 1941 and another of the 1,415 men lost with the ship when she was sunk by the Bismarck.

1 Heavy Shuttlecraft
Stubbs (NCC-1707/3)
Named for Lieutenant Commander John Stubbs, RCN, who commanded the Canadian Navy destroyer HMCS Athabaskan from 1941 until the ship was sunk in battle with German warships in 1944. After the ship sank, the badly injured Stubbs swam around in the wreckage of his ship, encouraging other injured sailors to hang on, but he was among those ultimately lost their lives, succuming to his injuries and slipping beneath the waves.

1 Aquashuttle
Delgado (NCC-1707/9)
Named for Canadian maritime archaeologist, explorer and author James Delgado, who spent decades exploring shipwrecks and other archaeological sites around the world and served as director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum for 15 years.

These are...uh, WILL be, the adventures of the Starship Hood!

Space, the final frontier. These are the adventures of the Starship Hood. Her five year mission; to patrol the spacelanes of the Federation, to protect it's newly-settled worlds and ancient civilizations, and to guard it's citizens from fear, famine, malice and ill will!

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