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PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:04 pm 
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Obligatory disclaimer: Star Trek and all related properties are copywirted by CBS/Paramount. SFOF and all characters within are being used and hopefully doing some justice to these characters.

Captain’s Personal Log, Stardate 7001.15.

Commodore Caffey has received word that the Intrepid, Hannibal and Star League are to report back to spacedock for refits and their official launch ceremonies. It is curious why we have to endure this unnecessary pomp and circumstance when we should be freed up to begin our respective missions. My theory is that the Admiralty needs another excuse to drink Dom Perignon ’63 and “pat each other on the back.” I should ask Commodore Caffey how he tolerates these brass gatherings. Also, I will have my Yeoman R.S.V.P my answer to the Commodore regarding his dinner invitation on board the Star League once my meeting with Commander Underwood is over.

As Captain Serek was about to continue his log entry, his door buzzer sounded. “Come.” Commander Mercedes Underwood, Serek’s executive and chief science officer and long time friend, entered the room. She smiled warmly and sat down.

“End Log Entry,” said Serek. He turned to look at his first officer. “You are right on time, as always Commander. How is the ship doing?”

Commander Underwood, who had been in Starfleet for many years and known Serek for about as long said, “Serek, you know you can call be my nickname.”

Serek thought a moment before he answered then said, “I know you humans have a predilection for wanting to “get to know” your shipmates. One of those criteria involves addressing each other on a first name basis. Since you couldn’t pronounce mine, on board the Intrepid, my first name is ‘Captain.’”

Underwood was flabbergasted. “Something startling just happened, Captain. You told a joke!”

Serek raised an eyebrow and said flatly, “You must be mistaken, Ms. Underwood.”

“Nooo, Captain, you told a joke.” She looked at him brightly and said, “We have to mark this date; make it an annual ship’s holiday. You told a joke.”
The Captain interrupted his XO and said, “All right, Commander. If it will keep you from embarrassing me in public… from now on, I will call you, ‘Mercy,’ but only in private. Around the crew we must keep everything on a professional level.”

“Noted.” She lowered her voice and said under her breath, “My first name is ‘Captain,’” and chuckled.

“Very well, Mercy. Let’s get back to the business at hand. The ship?”

“Ship and crew are doing surprisingly well, sir. We should have her patched up by the time we reach space dock.” She noted the PADD on his desk. “I assume you’re looking at the reports, sir?”

Serek answered, “Yes, Commander, all is proceeding as expected. How is the crew settling into their routines? I heard a rumor that your science department heads have already requested resources for the projects they wish to start.” The captain already knew the answer, but was aware of the science officer’s pride in her department. This would give her the opportunity to “crow” a little.

‘Your ears are as acute as ever, sir.” Serek raised an eyebrow again, and Underwood responded with a “Who, me?” look on her face. She went on, “Once we arrive at space dock a small science team is going to remain and supervise the acquisition of material for their respective projects. I’ve already accepted this request and it’s in with the rest of your reports, awaiting your approval.”

Serek took a sip of his sweet ginger tea. He then looked at his XO and said, “Even after all these years, the vagaries of human etiquette elude me. May I offer you something, Mercy? Chinese tea perhaps?”

“Oh yes please, captain.” She stopped and started to ask, “How did you..?”

The captain interrupted, “I have kept all of the food synthesizer cards, every place I have gone, for these many years. I am collecting others for when we actually begin our mission.” Serek took out the tape, inserted it into the food synthesizer, and seconds later, hot tea.

“Thank you.” The XO settled into a thoughtful mode, “Those scientists remind me of us back when we were junior science officers in our labs. It was pure research too; whatever ‘tickled our fancy.’ Ahhh, to be young again.” She sat back in her chair lost in thought for a moment.

“Indeed. You can always continue your free research. I do not keep you that busy,” said the Vulcan. “In fact, I may stop by and see how you are progressing, even ‘get my hands dirty,’ as it were.”

"I'd like to tic off two more items on my agenda; one, Commodore Caffey has invited both of us to a dinner on the Star League. I was going to R.S.V.P. as soon as our business here is concluded. You will attend, won't you Mercy?"

Mercy didn't have to think twice about it, "Yes, captain. Mr. Enfield can take the ship while we're away."

"That leads me to my second item; Mr. Enfield. I have his transfer request here, approved by you."

Mercy looked at the captain and said, "I approved it so you could deny it captain."

Serek was intrigued, "Explain."

“May I speak freely, sir?”

“Of course.”

“Captain, as you are aware, Commander Enfield arrived on the shuttlecraft from Mars with a small attitude problem, which I promptly adjusted before the initial briefing. As we have seen, he’s a model officer and performing in an exemplary manner under various conditions.” She thought for a moment, then added, “He’s also a good influence on the crew, in spite of his misgivings about being here.”

She added, “He’ll make a fine addition to the crew, if he decides to stay, of course.” Underwood let that one lay for a few seconds.

Serek took a long sip of tea and listened further. Underwood continued, “I know he can do the job.” Then she smiled and said, “Earlier today, I was passing by one of the recreation rooms and heard him joking around with Mr. Lawrence. You know how many telescopes he has and how proud he is of his vast collection?”

“Indeed,” the captain spoke, “Enfield was actually smiling and being part of the crew? There may be hope for him yet.” The captain continued, “Thank you for your honesty, as soon as we return from our meal with the Commodore, I will have a ‘little talk’ with Commander Enfield.”

As the XO got up to leave, she asked, “Is that all, sir?”

“Yes, for now.” As she turned to leave, the captain added, “Keep up the good work, Mercy. I am pleased my choice for XO was the correct one.”

Commander Underwood just turned and left. As she did, she practically bounced out of the room.

Serek noted that and said under his breath as the door closed, “Interesting.”

End Part One

I've come a long way for the power of Genesis and what do I find? A Square Pegs reject, another actress playing Saavik and Leonard Nimoy's stand-in.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:59 pm 
Lieutenant JG
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Usual disclaimers: Star Trek is the property of CBS/Paramount and I am making no money on this so please, no lawyers. SFOF is owned by me and the characters are used with permission and I hope I do not f**k it up too badly.

Chapter 2:

Setting: The Intrepid II’s transporter room, Captain Serek enters seeing Commander Underwood as already arrived.

“Greetings, Commander, I see you are early as well. Are you anxious to meet Commodore Caffey in person or to board a Federation class starship?” the Vulcan asked quizzically.

“A little of both, sir.” Smiled the exec, “Well, then, shall be not have our host wait any longer?” The captain said, understanding his exec’s enthusiasm for this dinner.

The two officers boarded the transporter pads. “Lieutenant, will you tell the Star League we are beaming over.” Serek said, in his usual tone.

“USS Star League, this is the USS Intrepid II, requesting permission to beam Captain Serek and Commander Underwood aboard.” The transporter officer said. “Permission granted, Intrepid, ready to receive our guests.” A voice from the Star League responded. “Do you have the coordinates?’ “Just received them, thank you, Star League, Intrepid, out.” The transporter officer snapped off the intercom.

“Energize, Lieutenant.” The captain ordered and the two dematerialized off.

Serek and Mercy beamed to the Star League without incident. When they materialized, they were greeted by a tall black man with a red shirt, security belt and commander’s stripes on his sleeves.

“Permission to come aboard, sir?” intoned the captain, as has been a naval tradition for centuries. “Granted, Captain, it’s a pleasure to see you again, sir.” Said Koenig.

Mercy looked at Serek with that ‘what’s going on?” look on her face. “I am pleased to see you again, Commander. Congratulations on your promotion and assignment.” Said the captain as both officers stepped off the transporter pad.

“Forgive my manners, this is Commander Mercedes Underwood, my exec and science officer.” Said the captain.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Commander.” Smiled the red shirted commander.

“Ms. Underwood, this is Commander R. J. Koenig, he served as chief of security of board the Constitution under then Captain Caffey when they transported me to Starbase 10 two years ago. I take it you are still chief of security on this ship, Commander?”

“Yes, sir. I am still serving under Caffey and very happy doing so.” Beamed the red shirt. “If you both will follow me, I will take you to where you will be dining this evening.”

The three officers walked out of the transporter room and onto the corridor. With Koenig in the lead, Serek and Mercy looked around, viewing their surroundings.

“Déjà vu.” Serek whispered under his breath.

“Excuse me, sir?” enquired Mercy as it appeared she heard it.

“Déjà vu, Commander, this is reminding me a little of the Constitution when I was on board for a few days, the faces are different and the ship is bigger but the manner is very much the same, as if it had the Commodore’s stamp on it. If I were human I would call it eerie.” Said the captain in his usual no nonsense tone.

As the three officers got out of the turbo lift, Serek noticed they were just about there as he read the sign on the door. It read “Commodore Jake Caffey – Personal Dining Room” They have arrived.

Next chapter, the Space Case meets the Vulcan in person, with Jake Caffey as referee.

I've come a long way for the power of Genesis and what do I find? A Square Pegs reject, another actress playing Saavik and Leonard Nimoy's stand-in.

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