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Couple this one with some Streisand Effect (sensitive topic)
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Author:  jferio [ Wed Aug 01, 2012 5:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Couple this one with some Streisand Effect (sensitive topic)

The irony is that the resulting firestorm from them trying to be nice to someone who was "showing remorse" (I'm going to go have a fit of deeply bitter giggles just from typing that) has done far more to his reputation than a permaban would ever have done. Literally half the first page of hits from Google are links to blog postings about the incident, and there's already a significant number of Big Name Fans that have heard about the incident, including obviously one John Scalzi.

ReaderCon is also reaping the "benefits" of their actions, with again literally half the first Google page being links to blog postings regarding the incident. Pretty much all of it for them is that they basically "bent" a policy that was a "one size fits all" at the moment it was supposed to be applied, which anyone with a lick of legal sense can tell you is never, ever, ever a good idea. You apply it, then you amend it for later incidents. You don't amend at the moment. There is a distinct chance that they might very well not have a ReaderCon for Walling to return to in three years.

Author:  Aabh [ Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Couple this one with some Streisand Effect (sensitive to

The link doesn't work...

So do you want to kind of give us a thumbnail on what is going on?

Author:  jferio [ Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Couple this one with some Streisand Effect (sensitive to

How odd that it mangled my link. Oh well. Second attempt.

The long and short of it. There was a serious harrassment (with some sexual overtones, I thought, but being third hand I don't know for sure) incident at a convention called Readercon back in July. Several people had evidence that it happened, and even the harrasser, one Rene Walling, admitted he fucked up in not taking no from the victim the first time and walking away.

Now, Readercon has a "zero tolerance, lifetime ban" policy that had been used once before to appropriate effect.

In this latest case, because Walling is apparently a Big Name Fan, and a friend to some of the people on the convention's Board, which reviewed the case, and his apparent contrition in the face of the evidence, they elected to instead give him a "two year suspension given good behavior".

This part did not sit well with anyone, especially the victim. The internet uproar was quite, quite intense. It culminated in the convention committee (which can override Board decisions) getting together via email, instating the correct implementation of the policy, adding a few other things that a petition had been circulated to ask them to do in order to try to clean the resulting fecal matter spread from the air motion device, and the Board stepped down. Even now, it's even odds whether or not the convention will survive this.

Of course, I shouldn't have to say what the brouhaha has meant for Walling's reputation. If the penalty had been applied the way it was written, it would have blown over and he could have moved on... and instead his reputation is seriously bismirched by it.

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